1. What makes Garzanero shoes special?

Our footwear is designed with a unique shoetree, which provides comfort to your feet. However, what makes Garzanero shoes special is that they can make you up to 7 cm (2.75 inches) taller. This is possible thanks to a micro-light, anatomically designed, 3 cm high wedge and a 3 or 4 cm high heel.

2. Do all Garzanero shoes increase my height by 7 cm?

Every Garzanero shoe has a 3 cm interior wedge and either a 3 or 4 cm heel, depending on the model:

All our shoes except the classic models increase height by 7 cm (2.75 inches).
Classic models increase height by 6 cm (2.361 inches).

3. Is there any Garzanero distributor in my country?

No. The only Garzanero store, as well as our head office, is located in Seville (Spain). We are engaged in the sale of our products through mail. We are aware that customers may object buying this sort of product without having the opportunity to try it on beforehand. Therefore, we are trying to make the purchasing process as simple as possible, and are offering the best customer service possible. 
We also give you the option of exchanging the pair of shoes you bought from us with another of different size, or if you are not satisfied with them, you may return them to us. We also give the customer the opportunity to solve any dissymmetry problems if needed.

4. Is it safe to shop online at Garzanero.com?

Yes, it is. Garzanero.com is the owner of a digital certificate distributed by Thawte Certification Authority. This certificate authenticates us. Garzanero.com encrypts the information sent to and received from our web server and protects it from being tampered with. In other words, you can shop with confidence at Garzanero.com. However, there are other methods of payment available to our customers, if they wish so.

5. Is it safe to pay online with credit card at Garzanero.com?

If you chose to pay through credit card you will enjoy the safest online payment service of today. The service is Verified by Visa Secure Protocols, a new service that protects your card details with your own password. Verified by Visa ensures that the only person that can make any purchase online is the credit card owner. For more information click here.

6. I can't pay online, what should I do?

You should consider the following requirements:
Take into account the technical requirement explained on the previous page of the online payment section.
Make sure your credit card details are correctly filled in.
Make sure you are using the correct password for online credit card payments, if you have been provided with one. If you don't remember it, please contact your bank.
If in spite of having fulfilled the requirements you still have problems placing the order, we suggest trying it again later or contacting us here.

7. How can I place an order in Garzanero.com?

You can make your order in several different ways:
Online at Garzanero.com
By ordinary mail to Garzanero.com (Neman Europe S.L), C/ Feria 4-6, 41003, Sevilla, Spain
By email, to info@garzanero.com
By phone: (+34) 954 564 292
By WhatsApp: (0034) 638 726 246

8. What methods of payment are accepted?

We accept the following methods of payment:
Online via credit card.
Cash on delivery (only available if the delivery address is in Spain (Balearic Islands, Canary Islands, Ceuta or Melilla)
Via bank transfer. You will need the following information:
IBAN : ES77 0049 0180 2227 1303 3227
Once you have completed the transfer, please send the transfer receipt to info@garzanero.com or WhatsApp, to (0034) 638 726 246 . Then we will send you your order.

9. What can I do if my new Garzanero shoes don't fit me?

You can either return them or exchange them for another size. You may send them back to us at this address:

Garzanero.com (Neman Europe S.L)
Calle Feria 4-6, 41003
Sevilla, Spain.

If your address is in the EU, including all of the Balearic Islands except the Canary Islands, we recommend the use our pickup service, which is easy and simple. 
If you do not live in the EU, we suggest you contact us so that we can help you with the delivery process. Although we consider regular mail to be the best option in most cases, you may choose whatever delivery method you like. Keep in mind that if you want to return the shoes, you will be responsible for the delivery and handling fees from your address to our shop. When you send the shoes, please enclose a note with your contact info explaining to us why you wish to return or exchange the shoes. 
If you wish to exchange the shoes, we will pay for the delivery costs of the first exchange. For the second exchange of the same order, the customer will have to pay for the delivery costs on his/her own. 
The shipping method and costs involving exchanges and returns from the client to our headquarters, will be incurred by the customer.

10. Can I return shoes that I just bought?

If you are not satisfied with your purchase, you may return it to us within 15 days, if it doesn’t show any signs of use.
Items must be returned with all original packaging and complements.

Please return your purchase to:

Garzanero.com (Neman Europe S.L)
C/ Feria 4-6, 41003
Sevilla, Spain

Please enclose a note informing us of what you would like to do (exchange or refund). We will refund the partial value of your order as soon as we receive the package.

11. Garzanero shoes, can they help to solve my dissymmetry problems?

We can treat dissymmetry problems up to 3 cm. You would only have to contact us either by phone: (34) 954564292 or by email before ordering. You will be pleasantly surprised.

12. Customs Fees

European Union:
Deliveries within the European Union are free from customs charges.
Outside the European Union:
Deliveries outside the EU may be subject of customs charges and imposed taxes.

These taxes are imposed by the local authorities and are fully in the responsibility of the customer.

13. Are there Garzanero shoes for women?

Garzanero shoes are made for men.

14. Where is the Garzanero.com store located?

Our head office and store are located in Seville. The address is:

C/ Feria 4-6, 
41003, Sevilla, 
Nevertheless, we can send our shoes to anywhere in the world.

15. How can I find out which shoe size I need?

If you want to know more, click here.

16. How does the Garzanero delivery service work?

It's very easy to use our pickup service. However, it is an exclusive service for those customers in the EU, excluding the Canary Islands. To use this service please follow the instructions below:

1. Let us know what you would like to do: if you would like to return or exchange your shoes. Do so in “my orders” at the “my account” section on the website. If you are logged in you may do so directly here.

2. Select the order and the model (if there is more than one in the same order) which you would like to ship back to the store.

3. Make sure all of your personal info is accurate.

4. If you still have any doubts please contact our customer service by telephone (+34) 954564292

Exclusive Pickup Service for Spain (Peninsula and Baleares Islands)

If you would like to return the shoes, we will withdraw 8 € from the refund.

If you are exchanging the shoes for the first time at the current order, you will only have to pay 8 € for the collection, when your goods are delivered. We will assume the delivery costs of the new shoes.

If you are exchanging a second time the same order, you will have to pay 8 € for the collection of the old shoes’ and 8, 90 € for the delivery of the new shoes. This will be done by means of COD.

Exclusive Collection Service for EU

If you would like to return the shoes, we will withdraw 17 € from the refund.

If you would like to exchange the shoes for the order's first time, you will only have to pay 17 € in advance for the pickup service. The shoes’ delivery from our shop will be free.

If you would like to exchange the shoes for the second time, you will have to pay 17 € for the delivery and 17 € for the shoes’ collection.

For more information please contact us.

17. Does Garzanero.com offer discounts for their clients?

As a regular client, you will be entitled to receive an array of discounts throughout the year during various promotions.

Newsletter: Garzanero.com sends an annual newsletter to their clients to keep them updated about all the lastest developments and news, whilst advertising offers and further interesting discounts.

The Autumn/Winter and Spring/Summer catalogue: Garzanero.com makes a catalogue every season and includes the newest collections comprising of all the latest fashion styles. With our catalogues, clients of Garzanero.com will be able to claim more discounts.

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