Giovanni Garzanero was an important craftsman shoemaker and designer whose shoes were made to help politicians and actors look as elegant as possible. 

Garzanero used to help his father, Masssimiliano Garzanero, make shoes. It was from him that he learnt the trade. His father encouraged him to study in the Medical School of Ferrara but after a short time his stopped it and moved to Milan. In those years, Milan was the capital of fashion. Garzanero started to work as shop assistant in La Vera Scarpa and he decided to name himself Gianni. 

After serving in the military, in 1959 he noticed that shoes fashion for men was always the same and soldiers were often short. From that day on, he began to work on the idea of increasing height to men boots artificially. 10 year later, Gianni put a wedge inside the shoes, making conventional shoes for other but not for the person who wore them. Men would be 7cm higher.

Gianni Garzanero opened his first shop in Milan in 1974 thanks to many orders from friends and colleagues in the military Service. When business wasn't booming he had to close down due to a lack of clients. But politicians and Italian nobles had heard of Gianni and he was spurred on to stay in the world of fashion. Nowadays, Gianni Garzanero's clientèle include actors, politicians and noblemen.

In 1999, Garzanero launched his first fashion men line - later adding ties and belts to his clothing range. 

Nowadays, Gianni Garzanero is the quality brand of elevator shoes from