Gianni Garzanero shoes: elevator shoes that make you taller


Elevator shoes from Gianni Garzanero have a conventional appearance with a little (or big!) secret. They are built with a 3 cm high interior wedge, which is very light and anatomically designed. This wedge plus the usual exterior heel, which can vary between 3 and 4 cm according to the footwear, make an increase of up to 7 cm (or 2.75 inches) possible.

Because of the interior wedge, every Masaltos shoe is made with a special shoe tree. This way the comfort and foot support are insured.

elevator shoes


For the soles we use natural leather. For the exterior side we use top quality, extra soft calfskin. The inner side is made with best quality leather. Each category is distinguished from the others by the materials used in its models. Nevertheless, all of them have something in common: they are all top-quality shoes.


The shoes from Gianni Garzanero are handmade.


The interior wedge and the inner sole perfectly adjust to the natural morphology of the foot, absorbing shocks caused by walking on hard surfaces and relieving both joints and spine.

The Goodyear range

Goodyear-welt shoes are the best shoes in the international footwear market. Their special production system might make them rigid when new, nevertheless, as they adapt to the shape of the feet they become more and more flexible. Goodyear-welt shoes are created to provide total comfort and care for your feet. They are handmade, and only of top-quality materials. 

Some special characteristics of the Goodyear-welt shoes:
  • A sole composed of 2 parts, separated by a cork layer.
  • The interior stitches of the leather connect with the inner sole and the insole.”.
  • The exterior stitching joins the exterior sole with the insole.
  • Water-resistant, thanks to the cork layer in the shoe and the lack of interior stitching.
  • The inner sole and the cork quickly adapt to the morphology of the foot (within 15 days)

goodyear welt

  1. Reinforced heel caps for added comfort and better grip.
  2. Double-layered 5mm thick leather with double reinforced tissue.
  3. Upper leather made of foal and fine leather lining.
  4. In the Goodyear-welt production the leather sole is sewed with 100% linen.
  5. Cork wedge covered with top-quality, extra-soft calfskin.
  6. A fine metallic layer to give solidity to the shoe.
  7. The top quality di Marcelo Italian natural leather sole is stiched and also sealed with a transparent glue.
  8. The cork layer between inner - and outer sole makes walking more comfortable.
  9. Natural leather heel with rubber corners for more stability.